openECSC 2024 Round 2 Write-up: GoSweeper

2024-05-04 · 29 minute read

This is a write-up of the “GoSweeper” challenge from Round 2 of openECSC 2024. This challenge gives us a glimpse of side channels on the web, which allow us to infer information which we otherwise would not have access to.

KalmarCTF 2024 Write-up: Reproducible Pwning

2024-03-19 · 24 minute read

This is a write-up of the “Reproducible Pwning” challenge from KalmarCTF 2024. This challenge takes us through the inner workings of Nix and a very interesting privilege escalation that has made me change my own NixOS configuration.

Welcome to my blog!

2023-12-12 · 1 minute read

Hello world, welcome to my little corner of the internet!
This post marks the beginning of my blogging journey. You might be thinking: what will this blog be about?