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Diogo Torres Correia

Student, Developer & Runner


I'm Diogo Torres Correia from Portugal!
I love programming, as well as running, taking photos and learning new things!
Feel free to get in touch or take a look at my past work below.

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At this time, I started to have some interest in coding. In May 2014, I joined the Bukkit community (yeah, I know… Minecraft), started learning Java and creating my own Minecraft server.


After a lot of effort, I managed to create a somewhat functional Minecraft server, with some plugins made by me, others that were on the web. After a few months, due to school and the discouragement of my friends, this server was closed, which wasn't bad at all, because I learnt a lot while developing it.

February 2016

After a few months of work, I was able to get a new team and create another Minecraft server, IslandCraftGames. We even had a website with PayPal integration. This server had a lot of custom plugins. Take a look here.

July 2016

I joined a development team, Clout Team (now offline), where I did a lot of projects, some for fun, others for people that requested them.

October 2016

After closing IslandCraftGames, I decided to use some of the code to create a really seamless translation plugin and sell it on Spigot as MultiLanguagePlugin. It has recently been rebranded to Triton.

February 2017

I started working on an Android app called "SchoolBit" (which was then taken down due to legal reasons), that basically connected to my school system and shown the absences, summaries, grades, etc…

April 2017

I developed a website for my neighbour's company using MaterializeCSS for the front-end and PHP for the back-end. Unfortunately, it's now offline.

July 2017

After 6 months of work, everything was ready for Craftathon 2017! I joined other developers to create an amazing charity event in Minecraft, which was able to raise $6,455.23 for Child's Play Charity, improving the lives of children in domestic violence shelters and hospitals! I mainly worked on the website back-end, mostly on the payment system.

August 2017

After Craftathon ended, I didn't have anything to do, so I made myself a challenge: do a full working Minecraft server software from scratch. The goal? Learn more about how socket connections work in Java. And after a week, I got my first loaded chunk! The project is far from finished, but I still enjoy working on it on my free time. You can check the project here.

May & June 2018

I designed a website for Portugal Ultra Triathlon, an «Adventure for Charity» and a triple ironman triathlon. Apart from the design itself, I also made the whole contribution system.

December 2018

During Christmas, I helped with Craftathon 2018! This time we were able to raise $1,144. Like in 2017, I mainly worked as a backend developer.