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Diogo Correia

Student, Developer & Runner

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I’m Diogo Torres Correia from Portugal!
I love programming, as well as running, taking photos and learning new things!
Feel free to get in touch or take a look at my past work below.


My top projects



Triton is a Spigot plugin for Minecraft that enables a Minecraft server to send messages in the player’s language.
This was my first premium plugin on Spigot and I’ve put a lot of work and effort into it!



Craftathon is a weekend-long charity event that managed to raise $7,599 for Child’s Play Charity in two events (2017 and 2018). I was mainly involved in creating and testing the donation and ticket system.

Livraria e Papelaria Espaço

Livraria e Papelaria Espaço

Livraria e Papelaria Espaço is a local bookstore in my area. I’ve helped build their internet presence by coding a webstore as well as providing hosting and email services.
Furthermore, I’ve coded some tools that helped speed labour-intensive tasks in-store.

Resumos LEIC

Resumos LEIC

A completely open source website, dedicated to the creation of class notes focused on the courses in the curriculum of the BSc in Computer Science and Engineering at Técnico Lisboa, improving the academic performance of students. Currently, it achieves more than 30k monthly views across all pages.


IST Delegate Election

Election app for Técnico's Pedagogical Council

Since I was member of the Pedagogical Council in my last year at Técnico, I volunteered to re-build the delegate (student representative) election platform using more modern technologies. It was built using Rust and React, which should result in a longer life span and need fewer maintenance.

October 2023


MSc Cybersecurity

I started a Cybersecurity Master programme at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden 🇸🇪.

August 2023


A Rust and (Web Assembly) app

This was my first Web Assembly application, made with for the frontend and for the backend. It was a simple app to track purchases on a community fridge, keeping transaction history and balance of users, and was used for a while by ~10 people.

April 2022

DSI @ Técnico

Research Initiation Grant

I joined DSI (Técnico’s IT services) through a research grant.
I was responsible for maintaining some projects directly linked to the university, such as FenixEdu.

April 2021

Resumos LEIC

Community-driven class notes

During my time at Técnico Lisboa I’ve created a completely open source website to aggregate student’s class notes of the courses in the curriculum of the BSc in Computer Science and Engineering, resulting in a high-quality wiki of multiple computer science subjects. Currently, it achieves more than 30k monthly views across all pages and has over 50 contributors.

February 2021


Teaching Python/Web to Students

TreeTree2 is a non-profit that helps young children up to 12th grade to go beyond school and learn new and interesting topics! I’ve participated in 3 editions of “Informática I”, their course that is dedicated to teaching Python, as well as 1 edition of “Web I”, which teaches how the internet works, HTML/CSS and a bit of JavaScript.

November 2020 - April 2021

Técnico Lisboa

Computer Science Degree

I started university at Instituto Superior Técnico.

October 2020

Livraria e Papelaria Espaço

E-commerce website for a small business

I’ve designed and coded an e-commerce website for Livraria e Papelaria Espaço, a bookstore in my area. Almost everything was custom made with Next.js and Strapi. Sysadmin work was also done to setup the web and email servers. The source code is available on GitHub.

April 2020


An online multiplayer game you can play right now!

In October 2019, I started to develop a small battleships online multiplayer game for my school class. Two months later, that game is now available to play! And it’s open source, so feel free to take a look at the source code on GitHub.

December 2019

Triton Web Interface

My first consumer-facing React app

In the v1.0.0 update for Triton, my Spigot premium plugin, I introduced TWIN, a web interface to configure the plugin. It was my first consumer-facing web app made with React and other new web technologies.

January 2019

Craftathon 2018

During Christmas, I helped with Craftathon 2018! This time we were able to raise $1,144. Like in 2017, I mainly worked as a backend developer.

December 2018

Portugal Ultra Triathlon

Another volunteering work

I designed a website for Portugal Ultra Triathlon, an «Adventure for Charity» and a triple ironman triathlon. Portugal Ultra Triathlon is a solidary adventure and a triple ironman. Its mission is to challenge participants’ limits and their resilience, generate social value and supporting local communities.
I was behind the entire internet presence of the event, from the website itself down to the donation system and sysadmin work (setting up emails, custom domains, etc).

May & June 2018


A custom made Minecraft server software

After Craftathon ended, I didn’t have anything to do, so I made myself a challenge: create a fully working Minecraft server software from scratch.
The goal? Learn more about how socket connections work in Java. And after a week I got my first loaded chunk! The project is far from finished and it will probably stay that way, but it was fun to do nonetheless.

August 2017

Craftathon 2017

My first time as a volunteer

After 6 months of work, everything was ready for Craftathon 2017! I joined other developers to create an amazing charity event in Minecraft, which was able to raise $6,455.23 for Child’s Play Charity, improving the lives of children in domestic violence shelters and hospitals! I mainly worked on the website back-end, mostly on the payment system.

July 2017

Portugal Live and Invest

I developed a website for my neighbour’s company using MaterializeCSS for the front-end and PHP for the back-end. Unfortunately, it’s now offline.

April 2017


My first Android app

I started working on an Android app called “SchoolBit” (which was then taken down due to legal reasons), that basically connected to my school system and showed the absences, summaries, grades, etc…

February 2017


My first premium Spigot plugin

After closing IslandCraftGames, I decided to use some of the code to create a really seamless translation plugin and sell it on Spigot as MultiLanguagePlugin. It has since been rebranded to Triton.

October 2016

Clout Team

My first experience working as a team

I joined a development team called Clout Team, which has since been taken down. We’ve worked on various projects, mostly related to Minecraft.
While working for Clout Team, I’ve started receiving money for programming, which was a huge achievement for me!

July 2016


My first custom made Minecraft server

After a few months of work, I’ve managed to create a Minecraft server with custom plugins! We also had a website with PayPal support to allow for donations, all custom made. The server was closed later that year, so I’ve decided to open source most of the code.

2015 - February 2016

How it all started...

At this time, I started to have some interest in coding. In May 2014, I joined the Bukkit community, started learning Java and created my first Minecraft server.